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College List - Seniors 2023

Seniors, I am SO incredibly proud of you and humbled to be part of your educational development! Wherever you are off to this fall, we will miss you and we wish you all the best as you go forth into the next phase of your academic training. Congrats to all!

C/O 2023 from our group:

Aashi Shah (Amador '23), UC Davis, Neuroscience

Adrienne Ferguson (Prospect '23), Columbia University, Neuroscience

Alice Finkelstein (Carlmont '23), Stanford University, Bioengineering

Andrew Chen (Amador '23), Stanford University, Chemical engineering

Claire Song (Dublin '23), Brown University, Molecular & Cell Biology

Dina Berhan (Piedmont Hills '23), Santa Clara University, Biochemistry

Elena Brierley-Green (Palo Alto '23), UCLA, Chemistry

Emily Dai (BASIS '23), UC Berkeley, Chemistry

Emily Liang (Irvington '23), Rutgers University

Erika Yu (Amador '23), UC San Diego, Molecular Biology & Anthropology

Harrison Xu (Dougherty Valley '23), Princeton University, Chemistry

Harsha Rajkumar (Fremont Christian '23), Duke University, Bioengineering

Kara Tran (Dublin '23), Rochester Institute of Technology

Kavya Pandrangi (Lynbrook '23), UCLA, Biochemistry

Keira Chatwin (Los Altos '23), Stanford University, Chemistry

Madeleine Lloyd (Notre Dame '23), UC Berkeley, Chemistry

Meher Jain (Mission San Jose '23), Emory University, Biochemistry

Natasha Gupta (Presentation '23), UC Berkeley, Chemistry

Nathaniel Thomas (Homestead '23), UCLA, Computer Science

Pratyush Singh (American '23), California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Chemistry

Samyukta Athreya (American '23), Carnegie Mellon, Chemical Engineering

Sanhita Nittala (California '23), UC Berkeley, Chemistry

Sarah Su (Los Altos '23), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Chemistry

Shelley Li (Mission San Jose '23), Johns Hopkins University, Biochemistry

Shloka Raghavan (Amador '23), Boston University, Biochemistry

Shreya Anand (Los Altos '23), Cornell University, Biomedical engineering

Spencer Ye (Homestead '23), Johns Hopkins University, Computer Science

Suhani Babu (Dougherty Valley '23), UC Davis

Tyler Dee (Dougherty Valley '23), UC Berkeley, Biochemistry

Vivian Long (BASIS '23), Wellesley College, Biochemistry

Xina Wang (Amador '23), UC Berkeley, Chemistry & Bioengineering

Zachary Bashkin (COIL '23), UC Berkeley, Chemistry & Physics

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